Instituição de ensino:

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)


Ciência Política


Marcos Ferreira da Costa Lima



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 This work seeks an understanding of the MERCOSUL, a project of economic integration, whose setting is now in progress and has been evolving from a customs union to a common market, with a clear inspiration in the European Community. The first part of the study is mainly theoretical and discusses the most significant trends of changes that have been taking place in the capitalist system during this last quarter of century: changes in the technoproductive basis, in finance, in the widenning range of power of big multinational corporations, and its effects over the peripheral countries. The consolidation of regional blocks is, in this context, one of the main issues which point out the wide and complex changes that have characterized the globalization of the world market. The MERCOSUL, an idea first conceived by the CEPAL, is a response to these changes, an attempt from some South American countries to overcome the marginalizing effects that hit the region during the "lost decade"


Juarez Rubens Brandão Lopes


Globalização; Politica internacional; Relações economicas internacionais; Integração economica